How to make an arresting system

I posted this question a few days ago but I have decided to make changes to it. I want to make the arrest system so when the cop (team 2) touches the criminal (team 1) the criminal (team 1) will be arrested and sent back to their base. Any simple way to do this. Thanks!

Lifecycle (Player knocked out) > Teleport player here that teleports them to a jail area.

Tag zone

set the tag zone to be wherever you want to have the catching.
The tag zone belongs to team 2 (any players not from team 2 will be tagged)

put a teleporter player here (base)
player tagged —> teleporter player here

I don’t think tags are listed as knockouts…
in fact I KNOW they are not listed as knockouts…

They don’t? My bad.

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this worked, but both players got teleported. Any way I can fix this?

?? the player who tagged the other player?
in the tag zone setting:
respawn when tagged: NO

wires: Player gets tagged by another player —> teleport player here

the player that tagged the other player and the player that got tagged both get teleported

so this!

ok works now. thanks!

one last thing: when the player gets arrested how do you make it so that a popup message on the screen says “you have been arrested”

add a popup, and go to the popup’s settings:
You have been arrested!

Be more careful next time

connect the tag zone to the popup:
player tagged by another player —> open popup

That worked! I’m so sorry, but I have one more question. How would I make it so cops get money from their arrests? Thanks bro!!

Tag zone, item granter
In the item granter:
select: Cash
then type in whatever number of cash you want to give for each tag

player tags [another player] —> grant item

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