How to make an area that pulls players in, and instantly kills them?

Also, how to import custom images into my GKC map SkyGim (Unpublished) And I need concept art. (Sorry for asking so much.)

You can’t have custom images

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Animate them using teleporters being pulled in.
Make a big zone, and make it so that if you go into the big zone, it pulls you in. You can animate that with teleporters. Make a smaller zone in the middle. When they reach it, respawn them. Also you can’t put custom images into your gkc map. Only the thumbnail. Concept art, I don’t know. What’s it about?

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I need to make my AI look different. Plants just being there and robots are not fitting for a 1600’s time zone. Also I need someone to do the thumbnail art. (They will be credited.)

I can’t do thumbnail art.

2: Dress them up with emojis and props

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Can’t change the look of your sentry, I believe. Unless you stick a text box with an emoji on it, I guess.


We currently only have two styles for sentries
You can try the customizing sentries guide, though

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besides the pink plant guy, if you wanna count that. But i’m guessing you mean like robot and plant.


Yes, those are not very good for the timezone. Also my map is based off of SkyRim.

ah. Just get stuff from Skyrim then. And try to remake it into gimkit

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Ok, I will try, but that will be EXCRUCIATINGLY painful to find.

Can’t use custom images, remember? Gonna be hard to recreate Skyrim, and I haven’t even played it.

Yeah. I know. I said there’s no custom images. So just use props to remake props in Skyrim.

I play it A LOT, you are right. I will have to just not use weapons because of the non-accuracy to the game.

You have said that 5 times, I also need someone to do thumbnail art, so if you know anyone, please recommend them to me.

There are people in the how to make thumbnails for your gkc games guide. Ask someone in that chat. They can do some pretty good creations.

No idea, maybe check this out,

Orrrr… In deeper detail, this?

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