How to make an all endings gimkit (Yall rate how hard this is)

Right you read the title, this is a guide for an all endings gimkit. So let’s get started!


First you want to make a map, I recommend cross by mode, but platformer mode is okay. Next you want to add the map area. For me, I recommend a house, with a m0m, dad, sister, and brother. (You can add a dog, but this guide won’t have a dog.) The rooms will have: Your bedroom (You’ll start here), Sisters room, Brothers room, Master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, bacyard, and a front yard. Then you want to decorate it. If you want to make it a little bit alive add a neighborhood and a school, but if your lazy don’t, it’s your gimkit. The side characters could be, Sister’s friend, teacher, Sister’s friend’s dad, etc. You could add a store for to buy stuff. But those were just ideas.

Now that tat you have your map, your gonna want to add characters and to be able to talk to them (Which may lead to endings) Anyways lets talk about that!

Razzle Dazzle

The razzle dazzle is some special detail to add. Like for example, you can make a button, connect it to a pop up, and hide it, so now you can add a talking feature! More razzle dazzle is to give personality’s to your characters, for example, the brother could be messy, so you give him a messy room. See what I mean. The m0m could start at the kitchen because she is making food.

Now lets finally get to the endings, these happen depending on what the player does. Lets see!


You can easily make these by choosing making a pop-up connect to another, have it broadcast something that will end game with something like this: “Fourms ending, this is just a test.” And when you close the pop-up it ends the game! This could happen by doing a quest, or not doing anything at all!

Right now that you have all of that in your brain, tell me what I missed and have a good day!

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…what is an “all-endings gimkit”? Also, you may want to fix some of your grammar as it is quite hard to understand.


I think she meant it as a find all the endings game. Like a 3 am game. Which there are too many of. :/


This is interesting, but it just seems like you’re making a popup… connected to a end game device.

There’s stuff in between, but it would be hard to search for in general too, like if someone wanted to find the guide.

It in general seems so simple, that as long as someone knows about wires and the end game, they can finish the game in five minutes. Don’t wanna sound negative, but this might promote more 3 am garbage in discovery.


“How to make a 3 am game”
I was expecting more from a guide like this, but the concept of a multiple endings game has been done to eternity on gimkit discovery. Interact with an object, look at the ending and rinse and repeat. I honestly think you don’t need a guide to tell you how to make a 3 am game.

What would be interesting is a guide where your actions actually dictate how you interact with the world, but not a 3 am game. And it wouldn’t be a short interaction either. You could’ve made this guide a lot better, but you decided to just post how to make this because no one had made a guide on this and wanted to be original.
There’s nothing wrong with being original, but if you’ve seen it before, it’s not original.


I am going to say this is a 6/10, and 3 of those points is because it is hard to understand. Please add more detail, sectioning, proper grammar, and don’t forget; pictures are powerful!


I would rate the difficulty as maybe 4-5/10

My Input (Because Among Us Tasks get Boring)

I think this guide is extremely simple, many people already know how to do this. The grammar in this isn’t the greatest and it is also extremely hard to understand what its even about. The idea is there however so there could be improvements, maybe more pictures.

For Example

Gimkit games with multiple endings are popping up a lot on discovery. This guide can give you tips on how to make one.









Writing this was not me trying to be rude or anything. I’m just bored/taking a break from writing amongus tasks.


I just wanted to make a guide about the thing I know most of :l

…Don’t make guides just to make a guide.
Make a guide that is truly going to be helpful and contribute to a high-quality map or mechanic.