How to make an Alert Button! Easy Intro to Blocks! | Difficulty: 🟩


Just so you know, this IS NOT a guide for among us. So, if you are looking for Among Us look elsewhere.

So, you’ve decided you want a way for players to send out an announcement. Maybe you want to make a method for players to call for help. Maybe you just want to have a funny button somewhere.

Let’s get into it!

Step 1 - build the button

Add a button device. Make it have these settings (you can customize the name)

Step 2 - Make the notification

Add a notification device. Make it have these settings. (you need to go to all options to see these settings)

Step 3 - Code the code!

Make the code on wire pulse. (in the notification)

Here’s the rest of the text (which is fully customizable)

Also you need a wire between the button and the notification. Make sure to set it to run wire pulse block, not send notification.
Hope you Enjoyed!


I’m a fast reader and typer, so nice guide!
I can use this in my Baldi’s Basics guide!

Nice guide! These can be useful, but if everyone will see the notification, make sure that you cannot spam the button by giving it a cooldown!


Yeah, that’s good, @ClicClac.

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