How to make amount of tasks adaptive to amount of players

Read title. Imposter cannot have tasks, and when someone leaves, the amount of tasks must go down as well.
(Probably won’t respond until later)

Further Info:
There are 10 unique tasks sets of 4 tasks each.
Each crewmate will be assigned 1 task set that they have to complete.

When a crewmate leaves, the amount of tasks that have to be done should decrement by 4, but increase by the amount of tasks that the crewmate has done.

Each crewmate is on a different team.



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Maybe you could have a player counter linked to a counter with a property, and use blocks to make that property times three the value of a total tasks property or something, then work it out from there

Ok, so have a property named tasks. On game start, make it one less than how many players there are. Have barriers sectioning off every task area. When game starts, broadcast, “tasks.” Have something that receives that and broadcasts that and everything less than that. For example, when receiving 3, broadcast task[randominterger], task[otherrandominterger], and task[anotherrandominterger]. The barriers will accourdingly deactivate when receiving thier task number.


Will this work with the new restrictions?


What new restrictions?

Check the edit.

Wait, I found something easier but there is only 2 teams and you can still press “L” : /
player enters zone > trigger relay (relay setting all players on team 2)
relay triggered > deactivate button (active scope: player)
so you can only really do this when gimkit fixes the leaderboard problem

(tested with 2 players)

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Let me think. I can get more info to you by 5:00 or earlier.