How to make ammo boxes (WIP)

This is not a guide on how to give ammo, this is MY ADAPTATION of what an ammo box for each ammo type would look like (This is for my WIP game I’m making)

Light ammo box


Medium ammo box


Heavy ammo box


(These are destined to change, and ideas would be helpful)

Noice, although a little bit short I know this is a WIP

Uh… okay, I can’t judge until you finish but just don’t go to unoriginal. Looks cool so far.

Wdym? (has this been made before, I looked and didn’t find anything)

if this is a guide maybe show how to make the boxes so then it wont look like a showcase

I will add that later (These are destine to change, that’s why there are no steps yet)

looks fire so far, keep it up!