How to make Admin Card Swipe without 3 different teams?

Pls help. I need it for my among us map. Also pls put pics.

What do you mean by “admin swipe”

Sorry Admin ‘card’ swipe.

Maybe have the person get teleported to an area and they have to shoot with a weapon like the quantum portal to get it to do the task

Thanks! I think that will work!

take a button that requires a green key card, then make it take away the key card after the player presses the button, and make it to were a speach bubble will appear saying task complete, and put a key card scaner prop on top of the button, and done!

or that, please remember to mark a solution @Magenta_Dragon and let me know if you have any more among us questions.

Thank you! Love ur work by the way!

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Thank you! And your welcome!

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