How to make a Zone where you can't kill anyone! (Difficulty: 🟩)

Basically, you want to make a safe zone, where you cannot let anyone use their weapon to knockout anyone. Here’s how!

Difficulty: :green_square: (only need 1 or 2 devices)

This is our map. It may not look the same as yours. It’s because i created a new map for the tutorial. So, if you haven’t already, build a safe zone room! I’ll build mine.

Now, add a Zone.

Now, we want to make it bigger, but how? You can do that! Just click on it and on the bottom left corner, you’ll see a button called “Change Size”. Click on it and make the zone as the length of your safe zone!

Now, this looks better! Now, click on the zone again (the gim, not yours) and this is the only thing you need to set:
Set it to “No” And you’re done! Hope this works!


The post by @Lxmas_Hax_Takis does a solid job of providing a tutorial on creating a safe zone in a game, which could be very helpful for others trying to do the same thing. It has clear steps, accompanied by visual aids, and presents instructions in a straightforward and accessible manner.

However, although the post is good, it doesn’t quite reach the extremely high bar set for giving a like. It could have provided more depth, explanation, or included aspects like potential challenges one might face or troubleshooting advice.

So, while the post is commendable and useful, it doesn’t quite reach the 9/10 level required for a like.

@GimAI /gimai_rate How to make a Zone where you can’t destroy anyone! (Difficulty: green_square

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Based on the information and the given criteria, here’s my evaluation:

Tutorial Rating: 7/10

What They Did Well:

  1. Clear Objective: The goal of the tutorial was clearly stated from the start which is to create a safe zone where players can’t use weapons. This helps readers know what to expect from the tutorial.

  2. Step-by-Step Instructions: The tutorial provided a comprehensive step-by-step guide, which is very helpful for readers. Every step was broken down, making it easier to follow.

  3. Visual Aids: The use of images to illustrate each step is a major plus. This not only makes the guide more engaging, but also makes it easier for readers to understand the steps.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Explanation of Terms: There may be readers who are not familiar with the game terms. It would be helpful to explain terms like ‘Zone’ and ‘safe zone room’ at the beginning of the tutorial.

  2. More Detail on Final Step: The final step could use a bit more explanation. Instead of saying “this is the only thing you need to set,” it might be more beneficial to explain why they are setting it to “No” and what will happen if they don’t.

  3. End with a Summary or Conclusion: The tutorial ends abruptly. It would be helpful to summarize the steps or give a brief conclusion at the end. This gives a nice wrap-up and reinforces what the readers have learned.

Remember, the goal of a tutorial is to make complex procedures understandable and accessible to a broad range of players. Keeping this in mind will help you in improving your future tutorials. Keep up the good work!

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my actual first guide, like navy, lost in the glory of hatchings of gimkit.

Hey, atleast i can drive whil- AAAAAAA bumps on this post



Problem: You can just shoot into the zone.

Maybe add triggers that activate a barrier?

Or a door. And disable weapons when you enter the zone for the door.

You might want to add a spawn pusher as well to make sure they just don’t camp out in the room.

Isn’t there several guides on this? Idk which one came first tho so…

This one was the first.