How to make a zone teleport you when your in it for 5 seconds

I want to make it where if some one is in a zone for five seconds straight then it teleports them

Use a counter with a target of 5, default 0. Make a trigger be trigger by entering the zone. Make the trigger have a 1s delay. Make the trigger also trigger itself. Make the zone reset the counter when leaving. Also make it deactivate the trigger when leaving. Make another trigger (delay .015s) activate the trigger again when the player leaves the zone.


Wire Zone(Player Enters Zone) β†’ Repeater(Start it, delay 1) β†’ Counter(Increment it, has a Target of 5)
Wire Zone(Same one, Player Leaves Zone) β†’ Wire Repeater β†’ Same Repeater(Stop it)
Wire Repeater β†’ Counter
Pulse β†’ Reset the Counter

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could you maybe split that into steps? its kind of confusing

I did. Does that help?

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@berpyderpy welcome to the forums! If Blizzy’s idea works remember to mark them a solution!


thank you! I’m new here and I get good answers QUICK!


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