How to make a working turret with an animation! 3/10 difficulty

I know that there is a guide on this: How to make a turret. But this guide also has an animation!

The basics

First, you place two sentries and two wire repeaters and a life cycle and a relay. Then, you do this wiring: Event occurs -----> Trigger relay. Next, you wire both the wire repeaters to this wiring: When the wire repeater receives a pulse -----> Repeat the wire pulse! Now, you game should look like this:

Last, set the delay of the wire repeaters to 0.1 — 2 seconds.

The sentries

Okay, we have the basics down, now we have to edit the sentries. First, give the sentries the weapon of your choice. (But give them the same weapon.) Next, make this wiring: Relay trigger ------> Repeat the wire pulse. Then, make one of the sentrys not active on game start. Next, wire the first wire repeater: When the wire repeater receives a pulse -----> activate sentry. (Activate the FIRST sentry.) Then, wire the first wire repeater again: When the wire repeater receives a pulse -----> Deactivate sentry. (Deactivate the SECOND sentry.) Next, wire the second wire repeater: When the wire repeater receives a pulse -----> Activate sentry. (Activate the second sentry.) Then, wire the second wire repeater again: When the wire repeater receives a pulse ------> Deactivate sentry. (Deactivate the first sentry.) This what it should look like:

The animation

Okay, we’re finally at the third and last step. (The “The sentries” step was really annoying to make. For obvious reasons.) Let’s start making the animation now. First, you place 2 or three zones, then place the same amount of the anvil props as the zones. (Make the anvils not visble on game start.)
Screenshot 2023-11-25 12.58.56 PM
Now, place the zones and rotate the anvils to face the zones:

Then, make it so when the player enters the zone, show the anvil that is pointing towards the zone, and hide the other anvils. Do the same for all the pairs of zones and anvils.

Last, stack the anvils, and sentries on top of each other.

Done! Now, if you enter the zones, the turret will face you and fire at you as fast as you want! I really hope you liked this guide because it was back breaking work. (Strange, it’s often not hard to sit on the couch and type.) :yawning_face:



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i dont understand step 3

What do you need help with?

basically the entire step 3

Could you make a picture at the end showing the finished product?


I can’t help you then, do the wires or the wording not make sense?

I’ll try…

is it possible u take a short video of the final product so we can see the resulting animation?

I don’t know how to take a video and post it on a gimkit post. (And my name will show.)

oh. its fine.
this is a kool guide btw. (did i mention dat already)

You can send in another GIM showing your forum user name instead of using your main GIM.


Also… You can test it yourself. (That’s better than a video.)

It’s simple to make, you can make it yourself to test it. (If you read the guide.)

yeah your right, but I don’t need this on any of my maps. (yet)

Also, read step three again, you should understand it then.

i thought it said stack the zones on the sentries

Stack the sentrys and anvils. :man_facepalming:LOL

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you can also use channels instead of wires its very useful and less time consuming

True, that’s possible… But if you’re making more than one turret: :tired_face: