How to make a working "Target Practice" Arena | Difficulty 2/10

Okay, no offense to anyone who is reading this, but sometimes, just sometimes, people are just bad at aiming accurately while moving. That applies to me, too!!! Well, I’m here to show you a method of training that helps you aim more accurately while moving. If you love to do Battle Royale, I recommend this guide to you!!!

Ok, let’s start. First of all, make something like this:

The wall is to make sure you don’t run off into the abyss, and you keep being in the range.

Make the Sentries not active on game start, and the other stuff like this:
All the sentries should have max health to last longer.
Sentry 1:

Sentry 2:

Sentry 3:

Make three triggers:
Trigger 1:

Trigger 2:

Trigger 3:

Button → Trigger 1: Button Pressed → Trigger

End Scene:

Extra Ideas

Some extra stuff you can add to your Target Practice Arena:

  • A button that lets you choose your weapon(Credit to @Theaxolotl)
  • More Sentries(Which means more triggers)

If you have any more ideas, I’ll add them here!

To use your new Target Practice Arena, run top wall to bottom wall, trying to shoot the MOVING sentry. Have fun!

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Wow, nice job! People can expand on this a lot, like upgrading their weapons or giving them other upgrades for hitting the target. An XP system could be integrated into this as well! Well done, @Blizzy!


Yeah, one of my friends couldn’t hit other people when they were moving, and my friend had to stay still to shoot, so I thought this would be useful.


(I have one of those friends too.) But, amazing guide! This is really useful.

Nice guide! You should add the poll inside the guide.

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Oops. Well, can’t really change it now. I just found an error with this, though…
Also, I never use the color square emojis for difficulties anymore… The differences change too much…


Ok, I fixed all the errors and made it less messy. Hope this helps!

Oooooh this is nice! I need this for a map im working on!

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This guide started a mess with wires, and it didn’t switch right. I think I got it right now, though…
What map are you making, @The_7th_Dragon?

Well its sorta like a free exploring world idk but i needed a target thing for the archery zone

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Do you need to survive and stuff?

no its more like a world you can just explore and hang out

So it’s basically like something where you can play games in a game?

Nice guide! Me and my friends really like to play battle royale games so this will help if I need more practice.

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You could also add buttons to grant different weapons since each weapon kinda aims differently.

Yeah, but that’s up to you to decide.

Well I was just suggesting an idea for other people.

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i bumped back in time(oh the expression is go back in time…silly me🫠)

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