How to make a working sword

First make a setup like this. (Zone, Senetry, game overlay):
Screen Shot 2023-11-29 at 6.00.29 PM
Then wire the zone the game overlay like this:

Then wire the game overlay to the sentry

Now say that whenever the button is pressed send signal something and say the sentry deactivate at that same something.

Essentially now when you enter the zone a button will appear and when you leave the zone the button disappears.
It is important to note that each setup is 1% and each sentry needs its own setup or it won’t work.


Is that supposed to be “sword” or “sowrd” ???

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it supposed to be sword but I just misspelled

Please edit all of your misspellings

That doesn’t even take damage. How does it even work?

do you have any feedback?

Yes, great guide!

it one shots any sentry, any other setup would not be sustainable as it would be to much memory

You should have an animation, or it isn’t even a sword :thinking:

coordinates might work with psuedo-health, as noted many other places

@Bobthebuilder123 You should credit these:

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That would be to much memory

but is kool!

No, it wouldn’t. All you have to do is do the animation in @NightEnd’s guide. You should credit those guides too

I didn’t use them so I don’t wanna give them any credit

They made it before you… But meh.

this is smth i noticed right below the last picture.


@Bobthebuilder123 Try to correct all your spelling

I fixed it any more mistakes?