How to make a working endurance machine

so my max energy is 25000
and i want to be able to buy an endurance machine, making the max 35000
can someone help?

When the upgrade is bought, disable the old inventory manager and enable a new one with a higher limit.

there is no disable inventory manager feature tho

If you activate a new one with a higher max, the lower max won’t matter.

well i did that
but when i start the game
the max is 35000
also, i have notification systems that will send a notification for full energy at 25000
so i would also need to update that
any ideas?

do this for the 35,000 inventory item manager.

for the notifications, you would probably need blocks.

my notifications work in a trigger attached to a questionare
how it works:

checks if energy = 25000
if so, send notification

trigger or checker?

sry i didnt mean to use the word check
heres a pic of my block:


sry i dont follow

Have 2 properties, one is how much energy you have and one is the max energy.

then the block should say

if energy = maxEnergy
   broadcast message on channel maxEnergyReached

i have another question: how do i make a notification send when energy reaches 0

In your movement meter, there should be an option, when player runs out of tracked recourse, transmit on.

ok thanks
for the max energy reached
could u take pics and make a step by step tutorial? im a visual learner so its easier when i have pictures to follow

the vending machine’s trigger:
the questioner’s trigger:

make sure the property max Energy has a default value of 25,000

im sorry, but the trigger for changing the value of property “MaxEnergy” isnt working
max is still 25000

is it wired to the vending machine?

if it is, i cant think of any other reason why it wont work.

yes but maybe the inventory managers i have r interfering

@bushenberg could u also show the code for the properties and inventory managers

Are both properties number properties?