How to make a Weapon Upgrader

With the new Crafting System, we can make upgrading weapons a lot easier! In this guide, we will make a functioning item upgrader!

The Upgrader

Start off by making your table. I recommend making it the normal crafting table. Set the scope to player and the group to “Weapons.”

Place down a Crafting Recipe. Make it craft the next tier of your weapon (uncommon), while requiring the current tier of the weapon (common) and some cash. Also, make sure the crafting group is “Weapons.”

Upgrade Management

Place down an Inventory Item Manager. Make it manage the current tier of your item. Make sure show item alerts is off. Create a new block code that runs when the item value changes. Copy the code above into your new block code.

Go back into your Crafting Recipe and add the channels to activate and deactivate the recipe, along with making the scope the player.

You can copy the inventory item manager and recipe to create multiple tiers for your item. This is shown above, where I made an upgrade for each level of the zapper. If you want to see a video of the functionality, I will add a video link here!


I see you’ve already made another crafting guide @JoeTheChicken . I like it and how simple it is. Though I would slow down on how many guides you’re making on crafting.

You gotta get the content out there

Ok, but don’t make tons and tons of Crafting guides please. These are good guides though, so I guess you have a lot of good ideas going around in your head.