How to make a waypoint track a player when they have a certain item?

How do I make a waypoint track a player with a certain item? I need it for a guide on keep-away I’m working on.

So you need a waypoint to track a certain player?

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have a checker that is constantly (make it constant with a repeater) checking all the players you need to check for, and have it check for more than 0 of the item.

have it transmit on a channel when the check passes, and a different channel when it fails.

on the waypoint, have it start following player when recieving on the check pass channel.

have it stop following player when recieving on the check fail channel.

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Yeah I do.

Can’t you just use a lifecycle starting a relay (random player) to a waypoint or something like that?

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@WhereIsMyHat said they’re making a keep-away game

i think that means a game where if you have an item a certain random player has to get it from you

but you can give the item to the other players, so the waypoint will have to change based on who has the item

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why did everyone just suddenly stop posting?


I was testing. What did I do wrong?

what didn’t work?

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The waypoint never showed up and tracked the player.

i think you forgot to start the repeater :skull:

i gtg now bye

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oh yeah


It still doesn’t work.

Does your repeater start from the lifecycle?


No… Is that the problem?

I think so.

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I just tested and it still doesn’t work. Can you look through the screen shots and tell me what I did wrong?

Is your checker setting equal item and waypoint inactive on game start?

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