How to make a very simple team filtering system | Difficulty: 🟨

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This is a very simple guide on how to make a team filtering system for checker’s and other objects in your gimkit creative games.
Player being Chosen System
Step 1) Get a Lifecycle set on Game Start
Step 2) Wire it to a Relay with “Random Player” Audience
Step 3) Connect it to a Team Switcher, and set it to whatever team you wanna be the chosen one.
Filter System
Step 1) Take the relay from the Last Step
Step 2) Grab an Item Granter and grant them a random item EXCEPT a weapon.
Step 3) Make sure to give only 1 of the item
When you’re done it should look like this.
Screenshot 2023-08-28 10.30.20 AM
Using this filter system
Lets say you wanted to use this system to trigger a popup this is how
Step 1) We need something to trigger it. If you already have a system for it. Then use that. It doesn’t matter
Step 2) Grab a checker device and set it to the item you chose earlier.
Step 3) Grab a popup and set the setting to your hearts content. This parts up to you and your game in specific.
Step 4) Wire your checker to the popup and set it as “Check Passes” > “Open Popup”
And Bam you’re done you’re whole system should look something like this when you’re done

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So essentially psuedo teaming, right?

Greate Guide!

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Thanks I try my best let my know any feedback. This is my first guide and im always trying to remove.


I have no idea what that might be please explain.

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Nice guide, @Brayden-Shelton! Make sure to add a difficulty, though.

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Thanks ill be sure to add that as well

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Oh I see so pretty much yeah but with easier to comprehend words i guess

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Great guide, @Brayden-Shelton!

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Thanks I try my best and am currently working on a guide for another feature in gimkit.

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Nice this is helpful

No problem I try my best please bump this if you truly like it

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Brayden Shelton

You could also use a wire repeater and the team option.

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