How to make a VERY simple chest

First, place down your prop of choice (the prop you wanna make a chest) then, place down a button right next to that prop. Make it invisible and put it on the channel of your choice. Turn the button to deactivate on the same channel you put earlier. Then you can get your item granter(s) and put the item you want in the chest in. Then you can set the item granter to grant on the same channel you put on the button earlier. That’s it! simple, right?[poll type=multiple results=always min=0 max=0chartType=bar]

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lol the poll didnt work

me being an annoying critic lol

  1. poll is not working
  2. drop down is not working
  3. pics please
  4. tints please
  5. actual art please
  6. pretty sure this exists
  7. credit others for the idea
  8. maybe belongs in mini-guide?

okay I’m stopping my rant now


ye you should @Foxy
it was pretty helpful

Nice guide! Remember, pictures are powerful!

Also the poll:

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@Jobozo1875 U should try to make the poll anonymous……


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Pls dont point out people, its not the nicest….


now that’s actually rude

Oh, I’m sorry for voting an option on the poll. I can vote what I feel is my opinion, since I already knew how to do it and this has no pictures and is short, it’s not helpful to me, if the poll hurts your feelings, don’t have a poll.
As you can see, many people voted “not helpful” in the anonymous poll. So to many, this wasn’t helpful, I just wasn’t afraid for people to see as that is my honest opinion.

People have done this to me before, and I’m tired of it, a poll is a poll! If I can’t vote what I want to, then there’s no point of voting, they were rude in the first place, I’m just writing my honest opinion.

My choice of wording can sound more rude, and it is true that choosing other words would have been better, but being soft and gentle, people won’t listen.


Tone down the rudeness a little bit

Just because your “tired of it” doesn’t mean you can be rude

dude sorry if i was rude didn’t mean to be sorry about that

don’t want to be rude, especially since you are fairly new on the forum, but this has been done before and next time, please make it longer and with pictures so that it is more interesting👌. (this is the one already made)

Ahh! Sorry I started a war! Thanks, @Cellofive for the anonymous poll!

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Wow, I’d forgotten about that guide

ummmmmmmmm… nothings working