How to make a trigger where everyone can step on it only once

can u pleasse help me on how to make a trigger where everyone can step on i

the i was a typo by the way

Try using a trigger and barrier? When stepping on trigger, do it, teleport player out of the barrier, and create a barrier for only the player.

ok thx il’lltry but if not will u send pic

oh its where i spawn is there an other way?

but how do i make it different for everyone

There should be an option max triggers.

oh but woudn’t it be one person steps and it does it for all?

do item spawner’s work?

You can set the Max Triggers Scope

huh i dont get it could u pls gimme a picture?


i make it global?
or player?


oh hey thx for telling me

thx yall it worked @William @bushenberg @WhoAmI

really? For me when I change the max trigger the scope disappears

yea i noticed that too.