How to make a tomb in gimkit creative

I am making a game that takes place in a palace. In the palace there is an entrance to a forgotten tomb. I need help with actually making the tomb. Can someone help me?

i’m NOT an expert AT ALL but maybe use spiderwebs from text?

what about the coffin and the room for it

there’s still more i need to know

use dark yellowish colors, you could put the transparency down and darken a prop to make it cover the whole thing

why should i do that?

what does yellow have to do with anything

idk about the coffin, as i said before, im not too good at this, only enough to get 200 plays.

but why yellow?
idk what u mean

it is a sign of age, and the prop is for darkness, you could put a camera view so they see only the darkened area

ok do you have any more ideas

are you saying put a black transparent prop over everything to make it seem dark? try to use barriers instead, it’s way more efficient.

thats what i did do you have more ideas to decorate the place or for a coffin

Here is what I have so far, I’ll add more tomorrow, and explain how I made this scene:


α›αšΊα›– α›’α›–α›ƒα›–αšΉα›–α›šα›–α›ž α›–αš€α›–
α›Ÿαš  α›αšΊα›– α›‹αš²α›Ÿαš±α›ˆα›α›ŸαšΎ
αšΉα›α›–α›šα›žα›‹ αš’αšΎα›α›Ÿα›šα›ž
α›’α›–αšΉαš¨αš±α›– α›Ÿαš  α›αšΊα›– α›’αš¨αš±α›’
αš¨α›‹ ᛁᛏ ᛁᛋ αš α›Ÿαš±α›–α›α›Ÿα›šα›ž
α›ŸαšΎα›– αšΉα›α›šα›š αš±α›–α›αš·αšΎ


The bejeweled eye
of the scorpion
wields untold
beware of the barb
as it is foretold
one will reign

Scorpion Symbol


can i use that PLZ

Here’s what i had:

sorry i saw it late :slightly_frowning_face:

i tried that
it didnt work because the barrier has collision

you can turn off barrier collision in its settings

ik it just didnt work

Several characters are incorrect, also, where did you find the runes you could copy and paste?