How to make a timer that when it gets to zero it broadcasts a channel

I want to make a timer for my game where if you survive for 240 seconds it sends a channel

Go to the Target Value Reached, Transmit On setting and put that in another device’s channel?
(The Use Target Value setting has to be set to “Yes” or the Channel won’t show.)

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Use a counter and a trigger that triggers itself (delay 1s). Make the counter be default 240 and have the trigger decrement the counter. The counter should have a target value of 0.

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Place down a counter and say When it reaches target value then <kbd transmit

In other words, what @Haiasi said

how do i make it trigger forever

Connect the Trigger to another Trigger so that when the Trigger gets Triggered, the other Trigger gets triggered and vice versa.
(By vice versa I mean the wiring and the explanation)

(Trigger 1) Triggered —> (Trigger 2) Trigger

(Trigger 2) Triggered —> (Trigger 1) Trigger

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Use a repeater marked to no channel

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Make it trigger on “Channel X”, and make it broadcast on “Channel X”. Use a lifecycle to trigger it.