How to make a temporary shield form a player

(so they can’t get hit by projectiles from other players.) For my battle royale map

try using player coordinates and a bunch of barriers around the map

That would take ALOT of memory

There might not be an easier way, unfortunately.

This is called pseudo-teaming, and there is no way to fully make it work yet.

I don’t think that immunity outside of spawn immunity is a thing yet, but you could use the health granter to constantly give him health for a certain amount of time, then use the damage device to hit him back down when the temporary shield is over. Although I don’t know a way to check a player’s health so I don’t think you can hit him down to the exact health before the shield… sorry

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Extremely complicated pseudo health I guess?

yeah sort-of

you could technically get a zone, make it so that gadgets can’t be fired in the zone, then use a repeater, or use this “guide” Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)
use a counter and the repeater, or whatever the “guide” says to use, when the counter reaches target —> deactivate zone, i don’t know if that works, but i think it should

Basically, just get a zone, counter, and whatever you use as a repeater, and when target value reached, deactivate zone, and i nearly forgot, make it player scoped

just i don’t think they could move

If only there was a way to switch teams without respawning…

i don’t understand, why would we need to switch teams, it’s every person for themselves, since this is a battle royal game

but, they should be able to, just when they leave the zone, they won’t get protection

For example, we have two teams for this battle royale. My idea was, if you could switch to the opposing team for a certain amount of time, that would act as a temporary shield, since you can’t hit players on your own team.

ok i see what you mean

you technically could do this (even though what I’m about to say is useless). get a lifeycle for when player knocked out and wire it to a checker that checks for if property “shield?” is equal to 1. make a property called “shield?” and make it a number property with a default value of 0 and the scope to player. if the check fails broadcast on channel “eliminate” which will be received on a team switcher for spectators. then get your overlay or whatever event triggers the ability and wire it/broadcast channels to a team switcher that switches to x team. also wire the event trigger to a counter with a default value of 0, a count scope of player, and it updates the property “shield?”. for that wire, make it so when overlay is pressed the counter increments. get a wire repeater, with a delay of how long the shield lasts, and wire the overlay to it [overlay pressed → repeat wire pulse] and then wire that wire repeater to a team switcher that switches to the original team the player was on [wire pulse repeated → switch player to configured team]. note that I did not take into account that relays might be needed bc i’m lazy.

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So it’s checking if the player has shield or not on knockout?

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yes. or what you can think of as a shield anyway.

since it’s ffa, if you want more info for player ids and stuff then i got you @TrainGuy53. you’ll need to find out the range of all weapons, use AOE v1, and detect player’s weapons…

you could use pseudo teaming which is just teams but with properties… but that has its problems…

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