How To Make A Temporary Ability

For this example we are going to give the player a temporary Snowball Launcher in 6 easy steps.


You will need 1 game overlay, 2 triggers, 2 item granters, and 1 lifecycle.

Step 1

Type in a name for your ability in the Game Overlay, in this case “Snowball Launcher”.

step 2

Add your ability’s name in “when pressed transmit on” and “hide overlay when receiving on”

step 3

Give the first trigger your desired length of your ability i’m going with 10 seconds and in the second one put your desired cooldown length i did 30 seconds. Then wire the Game overlay to both triggers so when Button pressed trigger the trigger.

step 4

In the first item granter make it give you +1 of your desired weapon and in the second -1.
Next wire the game overlay to the first item granter so when button pressed gives you the desired item

step 5

Wire the first trigger to the second item granter so when triggered you loose the weapon wire the second trigger to the games overlay so when triggered show overlay

Step 6

In the lifecycle change the setting to listen for player knocked out NOT! Player knocks out then wire the lifecycle to the item granter so when player knocked out take away the weapon. ALSO don’t forget to change all player scopes to player not global. Your setup should look like this now

And thats it please feel free to rate it on difficulty and on how good of a guide it was and you can change this up to fit whatever you need.

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wheres step 6?

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