How to make a teleporter that works only for one team [ 🟨 ]

Hya Guys!
This is my first Guide so here goes.
I finally found a way to make a teleporter that can only be used by one team!
This method can be used to stop base camping, find secret rooms without doing it for the other team, and probably more!

The Mandalin_Soldier Solution:


1x Lifecycle
1x Relay
1x Item Granter
1x Zone
1x Checker
2x Player Spawners
2x Teleporters (You might need 4 for a secret room)

Security System
  1. First, set up the lifecycle where it says “Event” and make sure it says game start underneath it.


  1. Next, set up the relay system next to the lifecycle, and change the settings on the relay to say Relay audience = Specific Team, then set the team to 1 (or 2, it depends on you)


  1. Then set up the Item Granter. Make the settings grant an item, choose the item (not a weapon or consumable), and set it to 1. Here, I used a purple keycard, since it isn’t used for anything in my game.


  1. Now, time to wire it all up. Wire from the Lifecycle to the Relay, and set it to, when event occurs —> send relay

  1. Add another wire from the relay to the item granted, and set it to, when relay triggers —> Grant item.

How it works: When the game starts, send a trigger to the item granter to give a specific item to a specific team.

There you go! You now have the Security System done!

The Teleporter System
  1. First, place a Zone down where you want it, and change the size to fit your needs.

  2. Next place down your Checker, and click on the Check #1 tab. Make sure your settings say Item amount, and have it equal to 1. In this case, the specific item that I chose with the Item granted was the purple keycard. Just make sure the checker is looking for the same item as you chose for the security system.

  1. Now place down your teleporter. Move it to an inaccessible part of your map(if it is a secret room), like behind or inside a wall, and set the settings to The Group name you want, and make the target group the same. In this case, I chose the group Secret Room 1. Turn the visibility off, so it doesn’t appear in game.


  1. Now to Wire it all up! Wire the zone to the checker and select, When player enters zone, run check.

  1. Then wire the checker to the teleporter and select: If check passes, teleport player to target.

  1. Copy the teleporter (the actual device) and place it in your secret room (or wherever you want).


Note! If it is a secret room, delete the teleporter’s target group, you don’t want the player to leave through it and get stuck. Make two new teleporter devices, and bind them together. Make the one that is outside the secret room invisible, and leave its target group blank




There you go! Now you have finished the teleporter system!

The end result should look something like:

Does anyone know how to upload a recording to a post? I would like to show the end result.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this!


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I mean you could just have a trigger under the teleporter and have the trigger run the check…

I tried that, but it didn’t work

no… I tried that and it did work
trigger triggered —> run check
Check passed —> teleport player here

edit, you can spare the checker by just setting the trigger to have an “allowed team”

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dang. where were you when I needed that system? lol

Yeah its true but make sure that the teleported that is their has no settings or else it will teleport all the teams or you could place a barrier that would a deactivate/activate scope of team and the relay to trigger it from a lifecycle and I wrote too much lol

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