(🟧) How to make a talking and trading sentry

Yeah was just about to say that

Nope. It still holds a weapon.

Oh well. Worth a shot. (Like the sentry)

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Yeah but they said the main problem is is shoots you so instead of using that miniscule bit of memory just do it in the sentry’s settings

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sadly it didn’t work for me so i’m going to make a simpler version

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Yeah you needed two zones.


Oh man, I love this guide. Seriously. It was one of the first guides that I read, and I still use it today. Now, I realize that it’s actually quite a simple mechanism.


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how do you need 2 zones?

You can! Use an item granter to grant the sentry -1 of the item that they are holding

Well, this was made a long time before that breakthrough.


Well I might as well respond

CringeKarlScott can’t even edit the guide anymore…

Made on June 5, geez. I joined a day before this came out.

Is there a way to make it so there is multiples deals for that one sentry?

Don’t do that, please. Just write 'bump"/

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“bumpity bump bumper”

you could place a button and when button was pressed text would appear and you could press another button for an answer.