How to make a tag type game

how do I make a tag zone where it switches the tagger to the person when they get tagged. pls simplify it. don’t make it complicated.

so regular tag?

yeah, where you switch the tagger once tagged

It will probably end up pretty complicated…

ok, I just want an anesear

Maybe a knockout- respawn- team switcher situation?

Get the tag zone hooked up to a team switcher. When player tagged transmit on channel1, and other channel on channel2. If tagger stays, switch which team switcher the channel is connected to. If this helps, please mark a solution.

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would I use wires at all for this?

you could channels use less memory though

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And wires cause a bunch of clutter in a complicated game.

could you show me a picture pls

Can’t. Not near my computer. I will try to get them to you ASAP.

ohhhhh infection? i can show you my system, give me a second

in map options there should be something that says allow player to tag each other and you can put the settings on teams. Thats how you make a tag game. Search a guide if this doesnt help you.

Not infection. Regular tag where tagger switches with tagged.

no, not infection, just tag like tag a person then they become it and chase you

oh, well its probably a similar system

No. It’s not in settings, but the Tag Zone device. You are right about the teams though. It’s ok @Alex_x. Not creating new post for reasons.

really? I thought i saw it in setting once. I guess not.

so what do you have so far?
is the tagger chosen?