How to make a sword that deals damage to sentries (IDEAS)

how do I make a “Sword” that deals damage to sentries everywhere and anywhere without making a button or something that activates a sword that slashes a sentry, I want to have a game overlay that once pressed swings a sword right in front of you, and if a sentry is in the way, then deals damage to the sentry

kinda advanced…

any ideas?

Maybe make it so that a sword appears when the overlay is pressed, and then after a few seconds, it disappears? I don’t know how to make it appear in front of that person tho…

yeah ik, kinda confusin’ innit?

@Aubec7 I’m pretty sure this is impossible(for now), as Negative Health Granters have not yet been added to the game.

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eh ok

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Wait. There is a way.

Button Pressed(To Swing Sword) -> Deactivate Sentry(More Health)
Button Pressed(To Swing Sword) -> Activate Sentry(Less Health)


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yeah well I kinda want the sword to appear in front of the player with the game overlay not a button…

does seem kinda impossible though

No, use a game overlay as a button. That will work. The overlay button(once pressed) will activate an animation that ‘hurts’ the sentry.


Do lasers hurt sentries?

no, I think they patched it

I wasn’t sure if that was part of bbsi. Yet another reason to bring back sentry interactions. You could add that tag to this post, if you want.

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I say there is a way with… Blocks! if you really know how to use them I think there might be a way to do it

I don’t know if that’s even psosible with blocks…

Nope, as without sentry interactions you can’t hurt the sentry, or play an animation without a coordinate grid and animation software that would take up at least 50% map data.

well I do suggest At my very best to help people

You can’t deal damage, but you can make it so it instakills the sentry with a coordinate system.

I think this is impossible for now

Its possible, just at the cost of memory

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