How to make a survival based game?

Also, you can use buttons and fish stacks to stimulate eating

Or use a button overlay connected to a vending machine. The button can say something like “Eat Fish?”
But, make sure the vending machine is “transmit on channel” and have it wired to a health granter

ill need help with all that

I can start working at 10:00

What time zone and 10:00 am?

10:00 CST, thats the time zone

AM orPM?
Use 24hr time

i can start working at 10:00 AM

I’m not on the GCC bc of privacy concerns and the fact that lxmas bans a bunch of people for no reason

what is GCC and WIX?

They are two platforms for sharing codes.

How do i know what platform i am on?

(WIX is actually a website builder but @CringeKarlScott made a website on it for code-sharing)

This is the normal forum that is not meant for sharing codes.

Oh ok, How do i go into WIX?

The link is on here with a few other warnings
(What they mean is to not directly link to a post that has a code and just link the main website to people who want to know where they can code share)

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This should sum it up well.

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I just made it!

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