How to make a sprint button that needs to regenerate after a certain period of use

I need help on this part for my map. Any suggestions help for the Sprint Mechanic. I DONT WANT A SPRINT BUTTON THE REQUIRES ENERGY OR ANY ITEM. I need one that is able to regenerate without any cost.

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Items You will need:
Game Overlay
2 speed modifiers.

First place down a game overlay. Put it as a button and name it SPRINT. Now wire that to a speed modifier. Button Pressed → Set player to configured speed. Have the speed modifier like this⬇️

Now wire the game overlay to a trigger. Have the trigger delay as many seconds as you want the sprint to last. Now wire the trigger to a second speed modifier except of this speed modifier as 1.00 speed.
It should look like this when done⬇️

And thats it for this tutorial! Drop a like if you liked it!


Also remember to mark it as a soultion if it worked! Also Im not sure how to make it so it has to regenarate after a certain amount of uses.

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Does the popup have a remove from screen or something? If it does wire however long the delay is where the trigger is in a wire repeater then into the popup to disable it. Have the same wire repeater going into another wire repeater to the popup to enable it and have the delay how long you want the cooldown

Read this guide for a more in-depth explanation!


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