How to make a soccer game

make a blast ball solid in settings.
tint nets

decorate !
tint barriers and disable collision
and barriers on corners
add stadium benches then border it with walls

finally go in settings and make 2 teams and disable fighting.
set 2 spawn pads to team 1 and 2 and you’re done!

This is kinda short, maybe add what to decorate with?

ok! :hearts:


Ok, now its a decent guide :+1:


nice guide @Edwards, but people already made this guide!
You did a great job explaining it tho!

Oh, i looked up soccer and i saw a lot of help post so i made this guide for anyone interested.

As long as he did it in his own words, he should be fine.

Nice guide. I suppose this guide can stay, but there are already some guides on soccer. Make sure your guide is different in some way, or includes different concepts and/or information, otherwise it will be considered as a duplicate.

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I like steps to explain what are o do

I’m going to sound pretty dumb but…
how do you turn off collision in barriers T-T I can’t find it in settings and deactivating it makes it invisible and I don’t want that.


go to the barrier then (all options)


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bump? Bumpy Bumpy bumpy

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