How to Make a Sentry with a Beard. (Difficulty 1/10) [MINI-GUIDE]

This is probably the easiest mini-guide with sentries ever made. Today, I will teach you how to make a Sentry with a Beard because why not? This is really easy to make.

Step 1: Sentry.

How will we make a Sentry with a beard? Well, we obviously need a Sentry. Click the plus icon on the top right corner and this will pop up.

Easy as that.

Next up, we need to click “Devices” on the bottom left corner of “Add”.
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.14.44 PM

Now all you have to do is to search up “Sentry” and this will pop up.

Click it and there you go! You already have your robot friend or foe with you!
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.17.07 PM

Step 2: The Beard.

This is very easy to do. First, you again go to the plus symbol on the top right of your screen and click it.

Then, Press Props.
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.19.07 PM

Search for “Ground Hay” and these two props will pop up on your screen.
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.20.34 PM

Click on the one on the left and wallah! You have a beard!
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.21.50 PM

You can always change the sentries skin to see what other Gims look like with a Beard.
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.23.24 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.23.56 PM
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.24.56 PM

You also don’t HAVE to choose Ground Hay as your beard for your sentry. There are a lot of options. For example:

If you want a bigger beard, you can have a dry bush as one! All you need to do is pick out the Dry Bush
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.28.08 PM
Click on the Dry Bush and this will pop up.

Click on “Change Size”. It is a blue button on the bottom left corner.
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.32.01 PM
Change the size roughly about this small.
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.34.13 PM
Put it on the Sentry and WOAH! He went from a small little mustache to a full on beard.
Screenshot 2024-05-12 4.35.50 PM
You can do the same with Dry Bush (Wide), (Small), Green Bush, Green Bush (Wide), and (Small).

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to make a sentry with a beard! He looks amazing. Thanks for reading this!

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This is cool, but it’s pretty simple and short…
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Aw man. At least people will know how to make a beard on sentries for a specific amount of time lol.


This is like my second guide on the forums so I’m still learning.


if i can get a regular to make a wiki…do you want to make an map ideas guide together?
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I’ll think about it. :+1:. I’m down, but I want it organized like WhereismyHat.


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