How To Make A Sentry Not Attack

This is kinda short but super helpful for people who want it.

To make a sentry not attack, add a sentry. (Duh) Then give it a weapon. (It doesn’t matter which one) Then, change the settings. Go onto the difficulty tab and go to Fire Rate. Click Super Slow. And, you are done. You have a sentry that doesn’t attack!

Your settings should look like this:

Hope you liked this guide. If you have any problems or questions, please reply below.

Put this in community guides. Great Guide!

There are already many guides on how to do this.

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Thanks. I redrew it to accommodate with my new lore : D


Wouldn’t the sentry still sho0t though?

actually, you can make the sentry not sh0ot by putting a barrier under them

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you may want to redo the guide so it so its says this at the top

erm the fire rate is at medium not super slow and you can just set the sentry on the same team of the player :nerd_face: :point_up_2:


you know there are other ways like putting it on the same team or just have it deactivated on game start :thinking:

This was my second guide.