How to make a sentry lose his weapon

I don’t want it to have a weapon for a game I’m doing.

For some reason… I don’t think you can do that, but I guess if you don’t want it to shoot, put a barrier in the way.

but then its gonna look bad because it has a weapon sticking out.

can I or can’t?<><><><><><><>

oh I guess I wont do it

SCRIPT?! coding?<<><><

If you don’t want it to shoot, put it on the same team as the player spawn pad.
and if you want to hide the weapon, put it behind a prop.

but what if the game is like a race with different teams.

then do barrier. don’t know anything better. invisible barrier around the sentry shouldn’t be noticeable

alright thats my only option.

I was going to say you can do this but just put it on all sides… if needed… btw
Screenshot 2024-03-22 5.28.41 PM

this should work.
in game:
no shooting anymore for you sentry!

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