How to make a sentry have no weapon

I need a sentry that has no weapon

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sorry but a sentry “needs” a weapon just use prop art to cover it or something else :\

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Yeah, you can’t give a sentry no weapon. Please mark a solution.

the player’s team. Can I do that?

ps sorry my computer is glitching:(

you cant really… do that. its basically impossible. unless you hide it with cover art.

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The sentry should be on the players team

What do you mean the player’s team?

AKA the sentry won’t harm the player

Oh, for that you just click into the settings for the sentry and switch it to the player’s team number.

now how do you check which team the player is on

click the sentry and it should be pulled up

It’s automatically set to team 1 if your solo or playing with co-op enabled

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Yeah, if you want 2 separate teams, 1 & 2, click onto either 1 or 2 depending on the team.

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