How to make a sentry follow you and shoot at you

Does anyone know how to make a sentry follow you and also shoot you?

You can’t really make a sentry move that well while carrying over damage.

You can’t make a snetry follow you and if the sentry is on its team named “senty” it will always shoot at you.

sentries can only shoot. but if you set it to team sentry, it will shoot you

they can’t be following you due to the sentry limit…especially if your map is huge…

but seems like a feature to ask @josh for

Yeah. We also need a timer or countdown device. I know how to make one but it would be easier to just use a device.

wire repeater is the answer

Yeah but it would still be cool

Please don’t ping josh, he will not respond and if you want to add a feature, make a suggestion under the nolt site.

oops, i just saw other people pinging josh sorry

Its alright, your new to the forum so you didn’t know and thats why I told you.

i think josh will understand as well. i guess im very good at breaking rules :skull:

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I would not say that, rules on here are strict and meant to be followed, if to many are broken you will get suspended. I recomend you read the guidelines.