How to make a sentry deactivate after it respawns

The sentry knocked out and the deactivate options just don’t seem to work well with each other

could you elaborate, cuz I think there is an option to disable respawns…

I want the sentry to disable after it is knocked out so it leaves an item and I want to enable it the next time and make it leave the item again

if there’s no way to do that I’ll just use item image and button.

gimme a minute i have a few theories on what might work, but I have to test

ok thanks

you can sort of guess when the sentries are going to knock out each other, so basically instantly.

first one:
wire repeater
(the sentries)

lifecycle: game start
wire repeater: 2 seconds
sentries: (your custom settings but turn respawns ON)

lifecycle, wire repeater: event occurs —> send wire pulse
wire repeater, sentry: receive wire pulse —> deactivate sentry

second time:
just make whatever activates the sentries again ALSO be connected to the wire repeater:

thing is triggered —> send wire pulse

thx wait a few minutes I’ll try that if it works i’ll mark solution
edit: It works.

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