How to make a sentry chase you (non-recursive method)

Great guide, @chunky !


you know there are other places to do math… idk your math homework? scrap paper? or my personal favorite, just do it in your head?!


Should I even make the recursive method now… It feels like a lot of work, and this ai isn’t that dumb…
I’m also a bit confused on how to implement the recursive pathfinder in here
Ok lemme see the other path finding algorithms on Wikipedia

hmm… re-arranging the if statements and conditions so the ai will go diagonally…
The only disadvantage to this non-recursive ai method is that it can’t find its way around a large wall, and that’s only if there’s collision tiles

So this will still be the best way in terms of memory.



I feel like we all knew this is possible
we just didn’t make a guide on it
because it takes an insane amount of memory.
like sentries following you the entire time with zones and sentries, but its possible, but no one will actually made it.
its nice, but no need to crank out guides


First of all, this is an AMAZING guide, and I’m sure people will use it.

This guide has obviously taken a really long time for chunky to make. That’s not “cranking out guides”. People who make one guide with a couple instructions and no pictures, or duplicate a guide are the ones doing it.


Hey, wdym we all knew this was possible?
If you were tasked to make this, how would you do it? It’s not like everyone here knows all about path-finding algorithms, and the right one, not the recursive one. I had to come up with my own so that I didn’t need to use the recursive version.

Sentries following you? That would be insanely easy. Tracking which square or zones a player steps on, and making the sentry step on that too.
The three problems with that are:
You need 1 zone for each tile, MUCH, MUCH, much, much more memory expensive.
The sentry isn’t chasing you, it’s following you. So either it’s extremely easy to outrun it or it’s impossible to dodge it.
My method makes the sentry actually find a path, which is the real definition of “chasing” you. This way you can dodge it, and it isn’t impossible to outrun it.

As if 7% is insane. If I made it with props instead of sentries, it could be modeled as
y=7000+10x, where x is each unit.
You realize that we need 100 tiles of props just to get to 8%?

Don’t just say that there’s no need for making guides. It’s someone’s hard work. Honor it.

Hopefully this gives you something to think about.

Yes, I know I’m insulting you, but this is the outcome of criticizing people’s guides and insulting me first. You’ve now insulted me twice. Don’t say I’m being rude.


This is a great guide! The only con is that it would take half the memory bar



so it is somebody’s hard work, but what would be the intentions of that hard work?
I’ve seen you make like 5 guides this week that aren’t useful.
So I ask, what were your intentions for making those guides and this one.
The point of community made guides are for people to learn or use the things in the guides.
But this, won’t be used by a lot of people.

So were your intentions on making 5 non useful guides in a week weak scrambles for likes, or was it because you actually wanted to help people?


Hey, let’s not start an argument here.
Although I do admit that some of my guides were rushed and aren’t that useful, at least “it’s someone’s hard work” applies to this one.

And this will actually help people. It’s the easiest path-finding algorithm I could find.

I want to be the guy who just doesn’t care, but this comment is so horrifically stupid I will say something. Yes, we knew it was possible, but no one actually did it. People constantly post help topics asking for this, and now they have a solution. You say that “we just didn’t make a guide on it” but in reality, you didn’t even MAKE it. to you, it was just an idea. Now it is reality. That is something to celebrate, not something to crap all over. And he wasn’t “cranking out guides”. Cranking out guides means making a guide for the sake of making a guide and the likes and notifications that come with it. Chunky spent time making a solution for a commonly asked question.

against the rules ad hominem moment

dynachamp, your only guide is "recreating every game mode in GKC which is unfinished and it ran out of editing time. your other ‘guide’ was removed because it was too short. the amount of your posts in help is almost the same as the amount of posts in Community Made Guides, meaning you critic people without actually helping them. nearly a thrid of your posts are policing other people and telling them what to do. You need to learn when to say stuff, and when not to, and when it is just straight out wrong.


I would like it if I had any likes left, great speech.

To unlimited, yes, you have a point, but to bring hypocrisy on the forums back:
When you’re posting something that applies to other people, you should ask if it applies to yourself. In your example, you haven’t made any guides at all. So can you really say that my guide isn’t useful? Can you really say that my guide wasn’t trying to help people?

But honestly, I really should try to think about that.

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This guide contains text extraction and path-finding algorithms. What else do you want this guide to teach? Currently, most guides don’t teach much. Slam those guides instead of an innovative one.


That was a lot to take in… maybe if you could find a way to simplify it some more, that might be a bit more helpful. Anyways, great guide! (also I have seen a bit of arguing, so maybe stop before a mod gets involved?)


this sounds SOOOOOO hard!

Why is this sentry chasing me?!? It’s probably because I BUMPED into him!