How to make a sensor camera 2/10

Hello one and all! This is how you make a sensor camera. I am not saying how to see people on a camera just to be clear.

What you need:
1x Blastball Camera or whatever you prefer
2x White Barriers (I recommend the Alpha to be set at 0.45)
1x Red Barrier (Make it a little darker than the white one)
1x Television
2x Zones.

Alright, you ready? Here we go!

The final outcome should look like this:

Sensor Camera

Your will If you follow ALL the steps correctly.
1st step:
Put down your camera and white barrier like this:

Got that? Okay,

2nd step:
Put down the 2 zones and set them kinda apart.
Follow each line to the barrier. Take your time for the best result. Let’s just focus on line A1 and A2.
Screenshot 2024-02-25 11.39.37 AM

Ok. For line A1 ONLY have it like this:

Okay for A2 ONLY have it like this:

This all should ONLY be connected to the red barrier.

Ok your done with step 2 :partying_face:

Step 3:

Ok this step is focused on the 2nd white barrier.

Ok, now only focus on lines B1 and B2. Connect them like in the picture:
Screenshot 2024-02-25 11.43.19 AM

Now for B1 ONLY set it like this:

For B2 ONLY set it like this:

Ok guys. We’ve come to 4th and final step. You are so close to making the best sensor camera!

4th step:
Put down the television and put the red and white barrier that are connected to the wires on the highest layer, not the camera one.
Now put both the zones on top of each other on top of the white barrier that the camera is pointing at. Order does not matter
Should look like this:

Now here comes the part where the layers matter. You should have the red and white barriers that have wires on the highest layer. Now overlap them on the television and you should be done!


I hope you guys enjoyed it. Sorry for all those words on the 4th step :confused:, this is my first guide.
Thank you!



Is this an alternate version to making a security camera?

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Yeah, kinda, Its a sensor one so when someone steps in the zone, the screen turns red, detecting someone.

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This is AWESOME (for a first guide). For a normal guide, this is still pretty cool!
(In step 2, the gim is blinking)
I had something similar to this in my game.


Thank you so much!

you could use this in among us, for like security. Oh and great guide @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns!

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Yea you could. Thanks!

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Nice guide! I can’t believe that this is your first!

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Thank you!

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@Cyan_Tiger_Reigns I just saw this I was hoping to have motion sensors in game I was making
is there a way to make this detect if someone is moving?

What do you mean? Like when someone steps in the zone, the screen turns red.

oh like an alert goes out?

I wanted to detect if the player is currently moving is that possible?

I haven’t found out a way yet to do that. I will keep trying though.

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You could modify this guide

They need it so that it detects when someone is moving. I might have found a way.

I can’t find a way right now to do that. Sorry.

So maybe use my guide @Cellofive linked, but remove the waypoint, use a barrier (like this guide) with the activate on “Movement” and deactivate on “Hide”, with the movement meter inactive on start and activate on entering the zone, and deactivating on leaving the zone.

Unless I misunderstood, this should work?


Yea that should. Thx.

THIS IS AWESOME! that could be useful in my “Caternaughts Bedwars Battle™”

@WolfTechnology check padlet pls