How to make a save code with the new update?

how do i do this?

What do you mean?

like with the new block code that was added is there an easier way to make a save code?

It just removes the math for text operations.

is there a better way to make a save code tho?

could math work a way into it?

There is a better way to encrypt a save code. The main stuff is still the same, though. The only non-encryption difference would be using strings instead of integers to edit the codes easier.

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Explain more? im a bit dumb

The blocks do not make a technical difference in the scope of generating, saving, and processing save codes. We can use blocks to splice strings easier, and that’s pretty much it. Encryption of the code will be easier, once again because of said blocks, but the concept is still the same.

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theres a save code now? in the update!? wow I have so many possibilities with that if its true

no. i was asking if there was a way to make save code with the new blocks

A way to make them has been around for a few months.

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well i wish they add a block that could save code