How to make a safe house

I need it for my infection game.

Could you explain please. Is this like where the infectors can’t go in?

yep, but I got that down.

Like do you want someone to make a build and explain how to create it if you like it?

I just need like a picture and the props you used to make it.

let me work on it tomorrow…

wait… do you want a build or devices and code?

a build, I got the devices done.

ohhhhh ok… is there a certain theme to the build that you would like?

when I first thought about a safe house, I thought like a barn or something. But can the safe house be kinda sci fi?

What i used:
White Lab Floor (Floor)
Concrete (Wall)
1x Moss
3x Bicycle Rack
2x Broken Glass
1x Infected Lab Table
1x Seat (I’m not entirely sure what it’s called)
1x Codex
1x Infected 3D Printer
2x Bookcase
1x Conatiner/Containment Chamber thing
(I don’t entirely know the size of the safe house you want but this is what I made :smiley:

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safe houses can be a cramped bunker to a mass civilzation

Make it less infected, as it’s a safe house

can you make it LARGER?