How to make a Rainbow or a Balloon Entrance

This can be a rainbow or even a bunch of colored balloons. It feels like entering a circus full of rainbow balloons. I don’t know, was just look around.


This is a nice guide but you might want to make it a little longer! Please add more steps and make it longer!

She doesn’t know how. She’s asking how.

She doesn’t know how to code it, she just placed down the props

well, if she’s asking how, then i’ll move this to Help

how would you code this?

i don’t think this really requires coding

Does she want them to move?

She can just make steps like

Step 1

Place down a barrier

Step 2

Change the shape to circle

Step 3

Change the color to what ever you want

Step 4

Copy and paste it like I did & you’re done!

just add images or something

Hey a regular moved this to help

Oh! I’m sorry I get it now!

Because I think she’s asking how because she said she didn’t know

@eiqcrmeliutgwhc did

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Why would she put it in community-made guides if it wasn’t a guide though?

Sorry. I wasn’t trying to sound mean

She must be new. I’ll check

Yeah joined 7 hours ago

She joined 7 hours ago

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