How to make a Purchasable Permanent Health Upgrade

Hi Guys! After helping someone out today who had this same issue, I thought I would make a (my second) guide to help yall. This system is for a permanent health upgrade. Hope this helps you!
As always, thank you for taking the time to read this!


In the Map Settings, set the Max health to 200, and starting health at 50%

So have the vending machine have an Item to grant, like a gold key card, and set the cost to whatever you want.

Next, Place down a health granter and have it set to however much health you want.

Now wire the Vending Machine to the health granter and make it so when Item is purchased, grant health.

Now it’s checker time. set the checker to check an item amount, what the items are, and have it equal to one.

You now need a zone. Place the zone down on top of where the respawn pads are, and wire it to the checker. Set the wire to be when player enters zone, run check.

Run a wire from the checker to the Health Granter saying if check passes, grant health.

Let me know if this works for you!


Nice guide! Simple and easy. I was just wondering how this would be used. Why not just have the starting health set to whatever? Can’t people go back to the respawn pad if they are low on health (unless you block the respawn pad off)?

uhh what if the game is a br game and u can heal

then if we could track health and have negative health grnaters, we could get around that

jeff pwease add negative health gwanters next upd


but then why add the checker and zone?

You can use this in a tag map. Have players spawn in an area, that forces you out after a couple of seconds

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The zone is for the check to make sure there is the required item

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