How to make a property into a string of numbers?

I am trying to make a Fibonacci number generator, but I want to keep track of all the solutions. I am using a number property that updates a text. The text then shows the Fibonacci numbers. However, it only shows one at a time, but I want it to show them all at the same time. How do I do this?

Would you be so kind as to assist me @getrithekd, @RandomKid, @Blackhole927, or @Here_to_help? Or any @trust_level_3?

I would, but the question does not fall under my abilities, sorry, maybe ask @RandomKid, @Blackhole927, and @getrithekd

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Is there no TL3 on right now? How is that possible?:open_mouth:

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Here is a formula for the Fibonacci numbers:


I already have the block code to generate the numbers, I am just having trouble displaying the numbers.

Oh!!! I’ll answer this later, since I can’t write a long explanation right now.

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Thanks! About how much later?

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In case anybody is wondering, the 100 finocchi number is 573147844013817100000. I think.

You could calculate a number based off of that formula and property Y, and set property X to (make text)(“Get Property X“, “,”, “new number”). Then add one to property Y, and use recursion to trigger the block again.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too.

Just realized those two numbers at the top are the golden ratio or phi, lol.

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What do you need this for?


Yes, but is there a reason.

A sophistication of this idea: find the number of digits in the current number property, multiply the next number by 10^however many digits we calculated, and add that to the current number.

Requirements: 1 trigger, maybe counter, and text.

I’ll get the mathy stuff later. Maybe @Blackhole927 could do it?


Um, can you please show me what that would look like in block code? I am having trouble understanding that. This is my current code:

Num 1 default is 0 and Num 2 default is 1. Num times just records how many times the code has run. Number updated channel just tells my text when to update.

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Help, please? I feel like this topic has just been dropped.:cry: