How to make a prop go over a sentry when game is started

Every time I put props over my sentry to make it look cool, like a boss, and then I start the game the props go under the sentry even though the sentry is on below layer, under the props that are on him, can someone please help me make the props go over the sentry?

Lifecycle > Trigger

Triggered > Deactivate Sentry

Triggered > Activate Sentry

PS: It’s not actually a sentry that is moving, it’s two being activated and deactivated to form some sort of illusion animation.

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ok let me try this solution

wait should I make two triggers?

No, you just need one but you can use two if you want the sentry to have a longer delay before jumping from one side to the other.

no, I don’t want the sentry to jump, I want the props that are on the sentry to go ontop of it instead of it going on the props ex. shown below
Screen Shot 2023-11-05 at 8.05.38 PM
as you can see the props that I placed are below it

Click the Layers button (the triangle shapes) in the top-left-corner and make the prop higher than the sentry (you can hover over a device/prop in the layers and it will highlight red making it easier to find)

Don’t forget to mark a solution if it works @Aubec7!

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Are the props you are using above the sentry in layers

the props are already on the above layer while the sentry is also already on the below layer

You might have to double-check.
Sometimes the layers reset themselves.
If it still doesn’t work, try refreshing, restarting or shutting down your computer/device and turning it back on again.
If it still doesn’t work, tag this in Bugs and/or message the mods or email the Gimkit Team at

That sentry actually looks pretty cool! :+1:


If not., then this is a bug!

Yeah, if he realigned the alien plant at the bottom of a sentry, it would look like a mustache mus stache

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