How to make a progressive respawn

I’m making a game but need to make progressive respawn points meaning that if you get close a point in a game you respawn there how do I make it

So you would make a zone that would set a player scoped number property called “checkpoint number” to the checkpoint number (default 0). Make a lifecycle that listens for a player being knocked out. It should broadcast on “go to checkpoint”. Make an overlay that is a button. It should not be active on game start. When it is clicked, it should broadcast to a trigger. In the blocks, the trigger should broadcast on:
Convert to text
“Checkpoint “
[get property] “checkpoint number”
The space is important. Make a teleporter that teleports the player there when receiving on “Checkpoint [place]”.

This would set the check point to a lower number if the player went backwards, though. I’ll tell you how to do that later.

you could also put a team switcher and a zone and then wire the zone to team swapper and player enters zone-> switch team
then make the respawn points all have a different team allowed to spawn there and then copy and paste the zone and team swapper and change the team they swap to each time.

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@Julius thank you 4 using my drawing

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