How to make a pressure plate house. (3/10) WIP

The things you need are 2x triggers, a repeater, some props, and terrain.

First, make an outline of a house in a rectangle shape with terrain like this: (optional to add floor)

Then, add two triggers like this:

Then add a door prop. (I used a horizontal barrier prop)

Then wire the triggers so when triggered hide the prop

Then wire the triggers so when triggered start repeater.

wire the repeater so when task runs, show prop.

finally, wire the prop so that when the prop is hidden stop the repeater.

Then finally set the repeater settings to this

You can change the timing of the repeater if you want.

For a roof, add two large wooden signs like this

then make a zone that covers the inside of the house, and wire it so when a player enters the zone, hide the signs and when a player leaves the zone, show the signs. (You need to overlay two zones for this to work)

thats it


Great guide!

Nice Guide!
What’s a pressure plate and what does it do?

Have you never played Minecraft? It’s like something that senses you’re on top of it and activates a signal, or in this instance, opens a door.


Buy pressure plate he means trigger, its the same thing, step on it and it opens doors.


I used triggers where pressure plates would be in a Minecraft version

Yep, thats what we mean.

Oh yeah, I remember now.
So the repeater shows/closes hides/shows the door?

I think so.

sorry if it’s kind of vague

im gonna work on adding a roof that hides when you go in the house

I recomend useing layers and wooden signs, they work the best for a roof.


Yeah, those work pretty good.


im using that now thanks

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No problem, let me know if you need any design or map tips.

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Nice guide!


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