How to make a praying mantis

This is a guide on how to make a mantis (fred)
Step 1 (body)
First we’ll make the body. Get 3 blackboard legs and lay them in a line. Tint them 14 R 196 G 59 B
Then get 3 smaller blackboard legs and place them spaced apart then get 3 more and put them
In-between and layer them under the mantises “body”.

(Optional) You can put 2 or 3 more blackboard legs slanted upward then layer the in-between with pink and black blackboard legs for its wing(s).

Step 2 (claws)
Now we’ll make the claws. Get one blackboard leg (tinted same as step 1) (lets call them bb legs for simplicity) slant slightly place a bb leg at a flat angle. Then get 2 or 3 vertical = | bb legs and place them on the (claw) repeat for other side.

Step 3 (head)
Lastly we’ll make the head take a green plant sentry (if its big) or a green barrier (colored same as step 1)
Step 3 A. (sentry) (I call him Reginald)
Place sentry with the claws on the side and the body covering the pink/purple bits.
Step 3 B. (barrier) (also known as fred)
Place barrier with claws on side and connected to body for a face add 2 tiny blackboard legs and the mouth just add 2 small blackboard legs together (black).

Finished product!

For the barrier : fred

For the sentry : reginald


Nice art guide!


2nd guide Yipee

Excellent guide!


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