How to make a point and click game

The first thing to do is set up the props you want to interact with. Next, set up a button device on the base of the prop. Go into the settings of the button and set the button message to: Interact with __ (replace the blank with the name of your prop.) For example, “Interact with basketball”, or “Interact with groundbreaking plant”. Set the visible in-game setting to “no” and the interaction duration to “instant”.

Now make a popup device and put it next to the prop, the popup can be wherever you want, but it’s easier to put it next to the prop that it will relate to. Go into the settings of the popup and change the header text to the name of the main character of your game, or just simply: “Player”. Change the content text to whatever you want the character to say about the prop. (For example, Header Text: Bob. Content Text: I can’t wait to play some basketball on this new hoop that I ordered! All I have to do now is order a basketball and I’ll be set! Bob (the header text)cracked a joke (Content Text)).

Add a wire starting at the button and ending on the popup. Select “button pressed” and “open popup” from left to right. If you want to make the character say something after the first thing, add another popup and repeat the steps of the second paragraph. wire the first message to the second message and select “popup closed” and “open popup” from left to right. when you’re done, it should look something like this (remember, the prop can be whatever you want, I just chose a basketball hoop):

Just repeat this setup for each item that you want to be able to interact with and you have yourself a point and click game!

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