How to make a player drop an item. Difficulty: 🟩

For this process, you’ll need:
one lifecycle
one item granter
(optional) one trigger (if u need only a specific player on team to drop an item)

Now, let me be clear, there is no absolute way to make it for a player to drop an item, but this is the best way that I’ve figured out.

Step 1: Click the lifecycle, when in the lifecycle, click “When Player Knocks Out”
Step 2: Wire the lifecycle to the item granter the wire should be: “Event Occurs →Grant Item”
Optional ↓
Step 3: If you want it to where a specific player on team drops an item, just follow everyone of these steps, except don’t wire the lifecycle to the granter, wire it like this: the lifecycle to the trigger, than the granter.
Step 4: Go to the trigger, then configuration, then click the team you want to be able to get a certain item.
That’s it! Let me know if I missed anything, and comment if you don’t understand, I may be able to help.

not really dropping it

more like granting items on knockout

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ok, i’ll fix that, thanks!

How to make a knocked out player drop a item, and turn the knocked out player into a spectator (Difficulty: :yellow_square:)
you might want to credit this guide.

actually, I learned this through trial and error.

why not just go to map options and set it so their inventory is cleared when they are knocked-out

That would make the items just disappear from existence.

That’s never worked for me, i’ve tried that.

well no wonder why it doesn’t work for me lol

Also, make sure to fix it soon, because at the moment the written guide wouldn’t work and your editing window is 24 hours.
good luck : )

yeah, I know that is his system too…

The title, I already fixed that, thanks for the reminder though!

No, I mean your method. It doesn’t drop the item, it gives the knocked out player an item.

Oh, oops, wrong option, there is two options that always get me confused lol, thanks!

no problem

how’s that?

Better. It would basically grant the player who knocked the other one out an item. The knocked out player wouldn’t really drop it, but it’s more like the inventory gets sent over to the knockout-er person.

Wait is this a guide on how to GIVE the player an item? Or to have it actually appear on the map?

From what I know, there isn’t actually a way to make it appear on the map, so, it’s basically when somebody knocks out a player, whoever knocked out the other person gets something.