[🟩] How to Make a Player Death Notification: For Beginners

In this guide, I will show you how to make a player death notification that looks like this:

To accomplish this, you must first place down a Knockout Manager device.

You must now place down a Notification device and wire the Knockout Manager to the Notification. (Target Knocked Out -------- Run Wire Pulse Block.

Now, you must modify the Notification device, and create a new “On Wire Pulse…” block.

Now, in the block, create a Send Notification block in “For This Device”, and place it down.

In the block, create a Text block and put it in the “Title” section of the block. Then, also in text, place a “Create Text With” block. Then, In the Essentials section, place a “Triggering Player’s Name” block. Finally, in text, create a text under the last block, saying " was killed!" It should look like this at the end.

And, you are done! I hope I could help you well, please ask any questions in the replies.


I think i have this!


This helped a lot! Thx!




Don’t you need to add a relay to broadcast for all players?

There is an option to send notifications to everyone.

There is a notification setting to send to everybody, not just to the person who triggered it


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It is saying the player who did the knockout, not the player was was knoncked out.

Ok. Maybe go into the KO device blocks and make it set a global scoped text property to the knocked out player’s name. When the property changes, it should trigger the notification’s block, which shows the property.

Could you show me? I only have about 9% of knowledge with blocks.

You’ll need these blocks. They’re specific to the ko manager:

The notification has a send notification block and you will need to use a get property block to notify with the property. You will need a convert to text block if you want more text.


You messed up I think