How to make a ¨place 3 batteries in the zones¨ system

so first place down 3 ball capture zones and make their settings like this

but make sure the channels are numbered according to the ballcapture zones like
¨ballcaptured1¨ and ¨ballcaptured2¨ and ¨ballcaptured3¨
then place down 3 balls make them deactivate on the channel according to which numbered b.c zone they belong to then place down a counter and make its target 3 and wire the b.c zones to the counter ¨ball enters zone= increment counter¨ and then wire the counter to a trigger ¨when target reached=trigger¨ and place down a true/false property and make the triggers code like this

here´s the finished product (the barriers are just to indicate stuff that the balls have been captured)
and what this basically does is that once each ball has been captured it turns the red barrier (underneath the green barrier) green and deactivates the zone and once all zones have been deacivated it turns the property true (just realized i could have done it without the trigger and property and just make the counter transmit once reached target -_-) and opens whatever door you want linked to this system (just link the channel in the trigger to whatever device or system u want to activate) with all that have a good day meow! :3

Nice Guide

Oh the soccer balls are here?

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apparently but @GimSolver im not too sure that would be what it is cuz its not really that much like a battery (idk but i might take ideas below ig)

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